Winter of Solace

Le Veque

“Winter of Solace” opens with a scene that proves Caius d’Avignon does not give up on a challenge, even the challenge of remaining a bachelor. Premier knight, Caius d’Avignon, also known as The Britannia Viper, is sent to resolve the tension between neighbors. To Caius’ surprise, the reported situation is false, and he finds himself torn between loyalties. Enter the beautiful Emelisse de Thorington, a surviving neighbor to the criminal mastermind, Covington de Wrenville. Caius surprises himself with his willingness to help Emelisse whom he was told was the enemy. His keen sense of right and wrong drives his command of the reckless de Wrenville and his son, Marius. Caius enlists new loyalties as he defends against the wicked family, not realizing his heart has also found a new loyalty he cannot deny.

“Winter of Solace” is a story of a knight who knows when and where his Viper side is needed, making him a fantastic hero. Kathryn Le Veque has a way with dialogue and scenes that keeps the story unfolding. A few of the scenes with the knights deciding their next move dragged only a touch. Caius’ fearless nature is alluring, enhanced more so when he encounters the independent Emelisse. Their banter provides good laughs at the humor in newfound love. The secondary romance story weaves beautifully within the main plot. “Winter of Solace” keeps its promises overall and will have readers at the edge of their seats to see who will survive and who will fall in love in the end. 

Moira Wolf