Winter Hawk: The Pinkerton Trilogy Book 2


Morgan Jessup is not the average woman. A gifted healer, she can ride a horse and shoot a gun as well as any man. When her brothers come to her in the middle of the night, injured and claiming they are being framed for crimes they did not commit, she knows she has to help them. She cuts off her long hair and poses as a scout named Abney. She gets a job at Fort Laramie and hopes to get inside information that could help her brothers. They warn her about a man named Jace Sommers; however, when she meets him he doesn’t seem like someone who would be corrupt. Morgan and Jace need to work together to find out who is behind the Fort Laramie Indian Ring. 

This is one very entertaining historical fiction! It is obvious that a lot of time and effort has been put into the research. The historical details and events give the novel a realistic perspective. Not only that, but there is a wonderful blend of fiction, comedy, suspense, romance, and mystery. There are moments when the pace slows down a little with the repeating of information between all the characters as they try to piece together the mystery, but it does not detract from the enjoyment of the story. The fantastic cast of characters really shines. Readers will instantly want to be friends with the Jessup siblings. As one can imagine, when a woman pretends to be a man in a Western army camp, it can lead to some humorous and awkward moments.  Readers will laugh, hoot and holler while reading this book!

Amanda Hupe