Winter Bride (Men of Stone Mountain)


Kendra Murdoch is in trouble. Left to raise her nephew and two nieces after her sister is murdered by her husband, Kendra must protect the children from their father and run a café in Radford Crossing to support her family. After rescuing Kendra’s family during a snowstorm, Sherriff Butch Parrish has taken a shine to the young woman who cares so much for her nieces and nephew, and he’s determined to hunt down Gus Tucker and prevent him from harming Kendra and the kids. However, Gus isn’t the only one causing trouble in town, so Butch will have his hands full keeping the law and courting Kendra.


A charming western romance, “Winter Bride” balances romance with a couple of different mystery/ crime plots. Between Gus harassing Kendra and trying to kidnap his son, and the bank being robbed, there is plenty of suspense with the former to keep the story going and intrigue in the latter to keep the reader guessing. The romance, on the other hand, is straight forward, but with a bit of unexpected steam for the time period.  It seemed a bit out of place, although not necessarily unwelcome for some readers. This western tale would easily fit the silver screen.


Sarah E Bradley