Winter’s Flame (Season’s of Fortitude Series Book 4)


Lady Winter is not the average noblewoman. She is highly skilled as a blacksmith and helps her old friend Wallace, since he is going blind. He must complete a sword for a man who holds his son captive. When the knight named Sir Martin de Grey inquires about her, she pretends to be Wallace’s daughter. Martin needs this sword to take down his enemies and free his brother. However, there is something highly unusual about the blacksmith’s daughter, he finds himself drawn to her. The attraction seems to work both ways, however, fate seems to work against them as Martin’s past catches up with him. Can Lady Winter help Wallace and also follow her heart? Will Martin be able to bring his family back together?

Be whisked away in this early English tale of being true to oneself! Lady Winter is a very determined and stubborn woman, definitely unusual in this time. However, she doesn’t exactly think about her actions. She is very quickly seduced by Sir Martin. Sir Martin tries to be suave, however he comes off creepy. His room is painted with murals of erotic scenes that he uses to inspire the women that come to his bed. The pacing is very slow and repetitive. The fact that Lady Winter does not listen is mention several times. The ending also drags on for too long. Overall, a woman being her true self in a time where it is frowned upon, makes this quite an enjoyable story. 

Amanda Hupe