The Winds of Change (Lords of Sussex Book 3)


There is nothing more annoying than men who only see a dowry instead of the woman. Lady Clara Grammont is weary of the aristocratic society. Lady Clara, her mother, and her step-father return to their old home to bury the harsh feelings that occurred there. There are several other guests at the estate and many are of polite society, except for John Smith. John Smith is a railway man who has come from humble beginnings. He desperately needs the support of the Duke of Ashleigh, who happens to be Lady Clara’s uncle. He was expecting another foolish, self-centered woman, but is pleasantly surprised with Lady Clara. She is unlike anyone else he has ever met but nothing can ever happen between them because they come from different worlds.

It is not just new innovation that is changing the world, society is also changing in this lovely historical fiction! There are so many different points of view at first that it is hard to know what is going on. However, with the development of the characters, readers will really get drawn into this romance! John Smith is anything but ordinary and it is impossible not to love his determination for innovation in the railway industry but also his growing feelings for Lady Clara. Lady Clara is quite something to behold! Her wit and will are so admirable. Together, these two are a force to be reckoned with. There is not only romance in the air, but also suspense. Be prepared for the ride of your life with this glorious story!

Amanda Hupe