Wind Raven (Agents of the Crown #3)


REGENCY:  Miss Tara McConnell is not your average London miss. To start with, shes an American. She also spent quite a bit of time on ships and knows her way around. So, when she got the news that her father was ill, she thought nothing of forcing her way aboard the Raven, Captain Jean Nicholas Powells ship.


Nick, an Englishman, isnt happy. He is chasing an infamous pirate and has no time for imprudent chits who know no boundaries. But there is something so free and untamed about Tara, something that calls out to him. But amidst the dangers of their voyage can they find the truth of their feelings?

A high seas adventure, yum! Tara makes a very good first impression, no simpering English miss here! But, whenever shes in Nicks presence she completely changes, as this sentence perfectly describes: Though she was angry at the liberties he was taking, soon she was lulled into submission within the confines of his strong arms. Basically, she loses all sense when he touches her. As for Nick, its gratifying to see him going from outraged, irritated captain with an intruder aboard, to a protective man in love. They are perfect for each other. There is just nothing to make their characters stand out. The most intriguing character is Roberto Cofresi, the pirate Nick is chasing. He is a complex villain who enriches the story and makes it so much more interesting! For all his sins, he makes a fascinating character. All in all, this story succeeds as an adventure full of fascinating history, danger and romance!

Ana Smith