To Win a Widow (Soldiers & Soulmates Book 5)


Rhys Armistead never expects to rise above his station as a stable groom, a job he loves. When a distant cousin selects Rhys as next in line for Earl of Sheffington, he is shocked and in total disbelief. He’s on the Continent fighting when he’s notified the time has come, and he must assume the title of Earl. When he meets widow Dalinda Baker by chance, the wheels of fate begin to turn. An experienced and outgoing duchess, Dalinda takes it upon herself to help Rhys bring the Sheffington estate up to snuff, fully aware of the chemistry between them. The widow isn’t shy, and one steamy night is all it takes to convince her they are a perfect match. Rhys, however, believes he hasn’t a chance with Dalinda. She is above his station.

Featuring an unlikely pair brought together by unique circumstances, this Victorian promises a fresh take on romances of the era. Backstory, however, slows the pace in the first third of the book. An unexpected sex scene livens things up, but the tale again lapses into stagnancy for much of the middle. The characterization of Dalinda is lively, depicting a woman much bolder and freer of thought than a “classic” Victorian lady, while Rhys is portrayed as a weak hero, obsessed over his meager roots. The conflict keeping the lovers apart—a class difference that concerns only Rhys—is therefore also weak. For those who love soldiers and second-chance widow tropes, however, “To Win a Widow” may still provide a satisfying read.

FS Brown