Willow Creek Christmas


WESTERN:  “Willow Creek Christmas” takes place about a decade after the Civil War in snowy Montana. Keri Hilam is a widow on the run. She crosses the wintry landscape with her two young children hoping to make it to her brother in San Francisco. It isn’t an easy journey and Keri exhausts her supplies in a hurry and steals to feed her children. Taking advantage of an abandoned line shack, she encounters the town’s reclusive hermit, Noah Lloyd.


Noah Lloyd left his privileged background in the South behind after the war. His sweetheart couldn’t stand to look at his war-ravaged face. He couldn’t stand being around people, which made Montana perfect for him. Not a lot of people, and those that lived there left him alone. That was until he stumbled across a shivering widow and her children squatting on his property. He initially threw them out, but forgotten chivalry reasserted itself. The last thing he needed was a ready-made family. Besides, Keri made it plain she wasn’t sticking around.


“Willow Creek Christmas” is a stand-alone western romance that tugs the heartstrings on every page. The children and Noah are well drawn, but Keri lacks credibility. A few wrong words, awkward phrasing and mechanical problems may cause the reader to reread for comprehension. Overall though, it still lives up to its promise as a heart-warming holiday romance.


Morgan Stamm