Will You Write to Me? (Book One, The Courtship of Lizzie Andrews)

PJ Watters,
Elizabeth Johnson

In the 1850’s, sixteen-year old Edward Jarvis Tenney started corresponding with his cousin Lizzie Andrews. Lizzie at the time is a mere fourteen years old, and she and Edward are cousins only by marriage. One will follow along as Edward’s first letter finds its way to Lizzie, asking if she will consent to write to him. Their affection for one another grows through their words and their times together. Edward is ever the romantic, and Lizzie’s young heart beats faster, not only after reading his words, but even after just glancing his way. Edwards's letters and Lizzie’s journal entries will walk you through two years of their lives and you will learn about their many family members as well. 


Ah, sweet love. This book is a series of actual unedited letters written by Edward to Lizzie, the rest of the story are fictional journal entries written by Lizzie after each of Edward’s letters. This is not in story form, and because of that the pace is slow and doesn’t have a lot of depth. If one is not used to the very formal language spoken in the late 1800’s, one might not enjoy this well-written account of young love. During Lizzie’s entries it seems that some of the scenes end abruptly without conclusion or enough detail. This book is the first in the series, and ends on the hopes and dreams of two young lives, leaving one to wonder about their future. It’s wonderful to read the sweet romance that comes from a much simpler time. 


Lynne Bryant