Wildwood Spring


Celia Landry fights the elements, her fright, and local legends in order to try one last thing to save her dying mother. She has trudged up to Wildwood Manor to ask for some of the magical spring water that is reputed to have healing powers. Having made it to the manor, Celia's last obstacle is getting past crazy Mr. Wildwood. When she rings the bell, the door is answered by a man with a rifle in his hand.  Celia assumes the worst and Turner Wildwood, son of owner, doesn't reveal his true identity.  He gives her the water and takes her home, hoping hell see her again, because she has stolen his heart. 


Allison Merritt crafts a beautiful love story that is based on deceit. This is a common theme with where the man deceives the woman for fear she wont accept him for the reality that is his. The scenery is beautifully described and one can picture the flowers as they decorate the spring. The characters are believable and likable, with the exception of William Catrow. He is the evil element in the story and the plot complication. He is arrogance and cruelty personified and in the end he receives his just desserts. 


"Wildwood Spring" is a delightful tale any reader would certainly enjoy!


Belinda Wilson