Wilder Hearts: A Western Hearts Novel (Book 2)


WESTERN:  Ellie Wilder is determined to reunite her family.  Taking a chance, she whisks her sister along with her to find their father in the far reaches of developing Texas during 1886.  When they land in Austin, they meet a handsome loner who bears a striking resemblance to a character from a dime-store suspense novel Ellie keeps with her about Billy the Kid.  Budding journalist Ellie decides to investigate the mysterious Jake Harper, or is he Jake Markham, aka Jake the Snake.  Can she figure out what to write as Jake, an undercover Texas Ranger, trying to solve a string of ghastly murders?  Can he protect Ellie from the killer on the loose?

This is a sweet western chock full of adventure!  While slated as a second installment, it is definitely a stand-alone.  Ellie is portrayed as an innocent girl who is very well read and inquisitive to the point of being slightly absurd, but bends so willingly to Jake’s attention.  Jake is a walking contradiction, leaving readers wondering what his true personality is. However, there are copyediting issues that can be corrected.  There are several instances of verbs repeated within the same sentence, as well as typographical errors and insertion of pronouns immediately following character’s proper names. Great care has been taken in creating the similarities with another well-known historic sociopath.   Readers may find the ending slightly rushed and not quiet finished, but Ellie’s happily-ever-after is a resounding plus.

Jordyn Teel