A Widow’s Guide to Scandal


All Henrietta Smith wants is her roof fixed. Instead, she ends up with a British soldier in her home threatening her friends, a dog tracking mud through her house and stealing chickens, and Marcus Hardwicke disrupting her life by trying to improve it. After falling off of Henrietta’s roof, Marcus cannot leave until his broken ankle heals. This gives him plenty of time to contemplate his past mistakes, including not returning a kiss Henrietta stole a lifetime ago. But if Henrietta does not encrypt British secrets, she could lose more than her home, and that drags Marcus into the crosshairs. 

A smartly written debut novel, “A Widow’s Guide to Scandal” introduces readers to a promising new series. The deceptively simple synopsis does not fully prepare the reader for both the characters’ and the story’s depth and development. The characters are shockingly realistic and relatable, almost uncomfortably so, and the narrative is far more than a simple childhood-friends-to-lovers romance. Rather, it brings readers on an emotional journey filled with intrigue, personal growth, and an ugly side of history few write about without glamorizing it. The author has a clear talent for storytelling, making even the most mundane scenes interesting and poetic without coming across as pretentious or overly flowery.  Story-wise, there is a lot going on, and while everything feels fleshed out and purposeful, it can also come across as busy in places. That being said, it never becomes longwinded nor drags.  Overall, “A Widow’s Guide to Scandal” is a perfect read for fans who want a powerful plot with their passion and romance.

Arec Rain