Wicked Wager


Marcus Revington, second-born son of his family, makes his income by gambling. When he wins Horngate Manor in a game of cards, he decides he likes the idea of being a landowner. However, owning the estate comes with a stipulation - he must marry Penny Montgomery, the heiress who lives in Horngate and who has no desire to wed. When Penny discovers her guardian has gambled away her home, she decides to try to discourage Marcus by appearing as a hoyden in hopes he will abandon his plan to marry her and take ownership of the manor. What neither counted on was the sparks that would fly between them. 


This entertaining, historical romance, which takes place in the English Regency period, transports the reader to a time of strict moral rules and constraints. With its often-told tale of an aristocratic guardian gambling away his estate and subsequently catching his ward in the crosshairs, this novel has enough panache to keep the pages turning. The characters are engaging and likeable, and the plot moves smoothly at a comfortable enough pace to hold ones interest. Even though there are some editing issues and the conversion from hate to love occurs somewhat too swiftly, the story contains enough intrigue along with twists and turns to afford readers a delightful romp down the path to happily ever after. Replete with misunderstandings, machinations, and love scenes that are passionate, lovers of historical romance, especially Regency romance, will find this book delightful!


Janna Shay