The Wicked Spy


As an occasional spy for her brother-in-law, Anna Gaunt has been tasked to discover the whereabouts of Captain Armand L'Etrange, also known as Louis Delon, an escaped French prisoner who had been held in a British prison. She does not expect to discover him by chance, yet when she does, she feels compelled to help him. With his own hidden agenda, he continues to seek her out and slowly entangles her in his web of fabrications, but all the while he is unable to minimize his attraction to her. Anna is determined to finish the job she was assigned to carry out no matter how difficult that task may be. As natural enemies, their magnetism is a pull neither one can ignore.

The reader is dropped right into the action without much time to digest; however, the story keeps a steady pace throughout, while keeping the action and excitement at the forefront. The characters are unique and refreshing, with their eccentric qualities. Anna and Louis make their unlikely romance a must-happen for the reader. Hoping to see them finally unite will keep the reader’s anticipation up high. The author has a way of projecting her main characters’ strengths and vulnerabilities that is honest and captivating. The story’s spy elements and intrigue take the narrative to another level, while the danger and mystery raise the overall calibre.

Maggie Faria