The Wicked Marquis (Blackhaven Brides #5)


Despite being a poverty-stricken, Marquis, Lord Tamar is viewed as an amiable painter, if a bit eccentric, rather than wicked. Enter Lady Serena who lights up his world when she is banished to her home estate after growing tired of London’s stuffy etiquette. When Serena discovers mysterious barrels in her cellar, they are swept into a dangerous plot involving smugglers, spies, and broken hearts. Yet the greatest danger of all is Serena losing her heart the to a painter. With Tamar having dark secrets of his own, a marriage between the two seems all but impossible.

 Filled with action and intrigue, “The Wicked Marquis” is a delight from start to finish. Both leads are a breath of fresh air from the typical leads of historical romances, and their love is touching and realistic. From the beginning, the connection between them is tangible and grows naturally into something more than mere interest. That being said, the plot moves rapidly, sometimes leaving the reader lost and confused. Certain actions and dialogues feel out of place or nonsensical with little to no explanation and readers may find themselves re-reading passages seeking clarification. The leads are accompanied by a colorful cast of characters able to draw as much emotion from the reader as the leads. Serena’s mother, for example, can be so frustrating, the reader needs to walk away. Despite this, “The Wicked Marquis” is still a plot driven romance that can be enjoyed as a standalone even though it’s the fifth in a series. 

Arec Rain