The Wicked Heir (Blackhaven Bride's Book 12)


Jess has been raised by the reclusive Lord Viscral. When he decides that she should wed his estranged son, Jonathan, Jess rebels and makes plans to run away and open a hat shop with her help of her childhood sweetheart. Jonathan has no desire to reacquaint himself with his father, however when he meets Jess, he figures out a way to punish his father with Jess's help. What he does not bank on is her childhood sweetheart being completely incompetent. While he tries to figure out who is stealing his cargo, Jonathan cannot help but grow fond of Jess and has to keep them safe as someone is trying to kill them. Will they survive and realize their feelings for one another?

“The Wicked Heir” is a sweet and enjoyable story. The plot moves at an even pace and it is clear in the first few pages that Jess is a character who tends not to listen to convention and lets her curiosity guide her. The story is a little predictable with the situation that arises right at the beginning of the book. Saying that, the characters are varied and Jon is a very likeable character despite some of his flaws. It is a promising addition to the series and it will be fun to go back and read the other books in the series if readers have not already. Mary Lancaster has written a nice historical romance that fans of the genre will enjoy. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick