Why the Earl is After the Girl (Ways of Love Book 1)


REGENCY:  Athena Hawthorne suspects something is amiss. Her father, who recently passed away, would never have gambled away her inheritance or her dowry.  She vows to discover who is behind this horrible deed, which has left her destitute. When Orion Ashcroft, Earl of Rockford, recruits her to be a governess for his sister’s children, Athena is more than grateful for the position. Little does she know Orion has sought her out because he believes she has stolen his family heirloom. 

Orion wants Athena close to the family so he may discover where the heirloom is located.  When the evidence points elsewhere, Orion must join forces with Athena to discover who is behind this theft. That proves difficult with the building passion and attraction Orion and Athena have towards each other. 

This regency novel is filled with passion, lies and mystery. The story is wonderfully paced, and the stolen inheritance and family heirloom make for a suspenseful story. There is danger and deceit at every turn and an outcome that is very shocking!  The author has done a wonderful job researching the Regency Period and London social protocols. Athena is a wonderful main character. She is loyal, courageous in her own way, smart and passionate. However, it is hard to see what she does in Orion. He is so distrusting of her! He is possessive and only seems to want her out of lust. Without trust, there cannot be true love. It takes Orion a long time before he no longer considers Athena a suspect. However, as the mystery grows so does their passion, which makes for a real page-turner!

Amanda Hupe