Whisked Away

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Virginia Clark has big dreams.  Not only does she want to become America's premier Pastry Chef,  she wants to be the first woman to do it.  No small task for a female, to be sure - especially one who harbors a very healthy curiosity about the male of the species!
Under the loving (and curious) eye of childhood sweetheart Rory, Ginny travels to France for a summer apprenticeship under a Master Chef.  With Rory as her chaperone and posing as her assistant, she will do whatever it takes to prove to her host, Monsieur Leroux, that being a woman and a chef are not mutually exclusive.  Can she win the Sweepstakes title and Rory's heart as well?
Genella deGrey is back, this time with a feisty romp through 1880s Paris, with an anachronistic pair of lovers unfettered by the constraints of their time.    The heroine longs to be a chef, and the hero longs for the heroine. Historical accuracy is not Ms. deGrey's strong point.  She assuredly has the chops to write romance, but HR readers are a tough crowd.  A single man "chaperoning" a single young woman, alone, across the Atlantic?  Simply not done.  And the same man posing as her assistant?  Stretches incredulity for this reviewer, and as a result, makes it hard to be engaged by the characters.  Readers who are not concerned with such things, and simply want to read a romance set in Paris between a chef-in-training and her childhood sweetheart, will be delighted with this effort.
Tammy Grant