Where The Night Never Ends (A Prohibition Era Novel)


After losing her mother suddenly, Samantha Bruno embarks on a journey to find her brother Angelo. When she is almost set upon by a gang of thugs, she meets Paul and together they embark on a journey to Chicago. An incident tears them apart and ends up with Sam being sold to a brothel and Paul being arrested. This was just as their relationship was beginning to blossom into something more. When Paul is told that he must visit his rich father who is on his death bed or stay in jail, he reluctantly agrees. Paul then has to make some serious choices and then find Sam. Will they get their happily ever after?

Samantha goes on an epic journey to try and find her brother. She goes through so much in such a short period of time and readers will feel her anguish, pain and anxiety as they go on the journey with her. The relationship between her and Paul blossoms and is described so well by author Annette Oppenlander, it will have people rooting for them. There's almost a Cinderella story feel to this book, especially with Paul having a wealthy father, etc., which could be seen as clichéd. The book is well written and the characters diverse. The historical accuracy is one of the things that stands out in this book.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick