When Swallows Fall

Gloria Davidson

Ophelia Garrett fell in love with Cade Scott when they met in New Orleans, and thought he would wait for her when she is called home to tend her ailing father. Then she receives word he married her twin sister, Desdemona instead. When Desdemona is murdered and Cade arrested, she travels to Almenara to uncover the truth.  She is adamant that Cade is not the guilty party even as all the evidence mounts against him. Surrounded by secrets and open suspicion, Ophelia must sort through the evil and danger surrounding the family at Almenara to uncover the truth before she falls prey to the true murderer stalking the halls.


A gothic romance set after the Civil War, the family at Almenara is full of discontent, with secrets and ghosts haunting them all. Ophelia is the beautiful, stubborn, but loving orphaned lady seeking the truth about a sister hated by many. Cade is the Byronesque, brooding hero that will make the reader sigh. The mystery surrounding Desdemona’s death is really well-written, leaving the reader guessing until the end. The plot is paced well, and the romance between Ophelia and Cade is rebuilt with a passion fitted to the time period that still leaves the reader smiling. 


Overall, this is a enthusiastically worthwhile read for any Bronte fan!


Sarah E Bradley