When a Rogue Loves a Woman


Patience Grey has much to prove — not only to herself but to her brothers. Determined to do so, she poses as a government spy and as the fiancée of rascal Lord Nathaniel Kingsley in order to assist in discovering the whereabouts of Pauline Foures, a French woman known as the former mistress of Napoleon and guarder of many secrets useful for King and country. When the charade becomes known and those closest to her are fooled by the false engagement she discovers that her feelings are stronger than she had realized. Nathaniel's past is a colorful one yet getting married is exactly what he needs, even if he doesn't know it yet.

The reader is left in the dark just long enough to pique their interest until the story becomes full and detailed. Patience and Nathaniel clash like a cat and mouse, and with sexually charged tension they send sparks flying in each chapter. Nathanial is a rascal yet is the kind one dreams about in historical romances. Although the brothers play an intricate part they seem a little bland and lack in adding any real flavor to the overall story. There is tenderness and heat with an intriguing plot that conjures to mind a resemblance to the Scarlet Pimpernel, which makes this story devilishly intoxicating!

Margaret Faria