When the Mockingbird Sings


Mattie didn’t realize she was a house slave until the day her brother arrives at the plantation and tells her so. Taken to a Georgia cotton plantation with her mother, she finds solace with the letters she’s learned and the daydreams in her head while working the fields. Despite their differences, she soon attracts the notice of the plantation owner’s son, James. As playmates, their friendship will inspire doubts in him and hope in her as they grow and the Civil War approaches. As adults, they are unable to forget the differences in their circumstances. With family, society, and the war between them, will their friendship blossom to love or will happiness remain out of their grasp forever?


A historical romance set around the Civil War, “When the Mockingbird Sings” presents an interesting take on the time period. With the Deep South as the background, James’ stance against slavery makes him stand out, and his pure interest in Mattie is heart melting. With a cast of exciting side characters adding depth to the story, a smooth pace, steady conflict, and sweet romance "Mockingbird" has plenty to recommend it. It is somewhat unrealistic at times, and lacks a bit of depth in the romance itself. However, fans of historical civil war-era romances should find plenty in this story to enjoy, making it a must read.


Sarah E Bradley