What the Rake Remembers (Agents of Change Book 4)



In 1814, The Society of the Purification of England has one goal: to rid England of all persons who are not pure English. As a spy for a duke, Irishman Ciarán Kelly has found himself in sticky situations before, but none as dire as the one he is in now. Besides being captured by the Society and beaten to a pulp, he is also suffering from amnesia. While he is a scoundrel and womanizer, he will forever be pining over Lady Fredricka “Freddie” Dawe, his one true love whom he buried seven years ago. Unbeknownst to Kelly, Freddie is very much alive and well while living with her boss and protector, Owain. Sent on a rescue mission to save Kelly, Freddie has to quell how much she hates Kelly for abandoning her and save him from a most certain death.

A twist on the typical “damsel in distress” tale, it is refreshing to see the woman doing all the rescuing in this story. The fight that Freddie undergoes within herself between loving Kelly and hating him for leaving her is extremely real, and the reader can identify with her struggle. Unfortunately, her constant struggle with Kelly often brings the plot of the book to a standstill, as there is no real character development for either of the main characters. Additionally, there a few grammatical and punctuation errors that do pull one out of the story and make them think twice about the line they just read. However, readers will find themselves rooting for the star-crossed lovers in this tale of love and loss. 

Jen Griffin