What Happened At Midnight


Miss Mary Chartley is in a pickle. Her father's recent death occurred under suspicious circumstances and his business associates are hounding her for answers.  It seems an embezzlement of money has everyone in an uproar and her betrothed, her father's business partner, is furious. Her only recourse is to flee and so she does, leaving behind everything she loves, including John Mason. She seeks solace at Doyle’s Grange as companion to Lady Patworthy. Once she arrives, however, she discovers that Sir Walter Patworthy is a controlling man and she soon finds herself in a type of prison not far off from the one she just tried to evade. Her past comes to haunt her with a surprise visit from her betrothed to a neighboring farm. As John awaits her confession Mary wonders if he has come to condemn her or to be her savior?

Mary is a very typical character of a woman bound by her situation. Although crafty and adventurous (appealing traits for this heroine), she at times is a tad wanton and

not reserved as one would expect. John is admirable but lacks a heroic persona. Together they take some time to warm up as a desirable match. Once the reader is

convinced of their bond, though, it becomes smooth sailing. Typical of Ms. Milan's work, “What Happened at Midnight” has a darker storyline with some sinister characters, a bit of a mystery and plenty of adventure.  An enjoyable story with substance the reader can sink her teeth into!


Margaret Faria