Western Seduction: Seduction Series Book 2


WESTERN:  Shannon McKinley has to get out of Scotland.  Even though she has no experience in looking after children, she applies for a job as a nanny on a ranch in Texas, where she finds widow Luke Griffin and his two wild children. Luke is still grieving his wife and although Shannon brings a little light into his world he can’t let his feelings get the better of him. He plans on sending her away as soon as he can. However, when he takes her to the ranch, he can’t deny the passion that he feels for her. Shannon has secrets that could endanger those she has come to love. 

What first stands out in this book is how clear it is that the author has done her research on the Old West and captured it exactly. The description of the surroundings takes the reader right back to the Old West. Shannon is captured as a fiery Scottish redhead who has a temper and who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She also has a vulnerability that means the reader won’t lose respect for her and it doesn’t make her seem weak. Luke Griffin is the rugged alpha male who is working hard to raise his two kids following the death of his wife. When these two characters are put together, Brenda Jernigan has given the reader two characters that are fiery, strong and sure to bring fireworks both out of the sheets and between them. The first chapter however was confusing and it took a few minutes to realize what was going on; once settled in, readers will love this western romance.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick