Westbound Awakening


Captain John McClain is on a quest to find his child. However, when he is shot and the wound grows worse, he is forced to rely on the aid of the lovely Mae Hawkins, the local brothel owner. Feeling morally obligated to return the favor, he agrees to escort the enticing woman to Texas to see her dying father. Attracted to one another but kept apart by morals and societal expectations, their journey will reveal things both have kept hidden and they discover that sometimes the differences they see are not real or substantial and that love can give second chances wings.

A wonderfully sweet Western romance!  "Westbound Awakening" puts a new spin on two strangers meeting and falling in love. While still clean, the story is different from many western romances in that the leading lady is not a pure farmer’s daughter or the clerk at the merchant store. Mae is the Madam of a brothel and while she is not a prostitute herself, she is tainted socially by the business she runs to survive. John McClain is an honorable soldier who is morally torn. On one hand he has trouble accepting the idea of a Madam as a wife candidate while still admitting to having a child out of wedlock. Readers will enjoy following their love story beyond just the trail west but also discovering how they grow together upon arrival. An endearing tale, readers will not want to miss this great read!

Sarah E Bradley