West of Forgotten

Lynda J.

WESTERN:  When Harrison first meets Rachel and her son Joshua, she trains her shotgun on him and tells him to leave her ranch.  Things look up when she doesn’t shoot him, but for Rachel, they turn bleak again when she discovers her father has gambled away half of their ranch to Harrison.  With no other choice, they work together to turn around the failing ranch, but it soon becomes clear that both Rachel and Harrison have secrets. The only question is whether those secrets will get them both killed. Soon they realize that the accidents happening around the ranch aren’t accidents at all. A dark figure lurks in the shadows, waiting to strike again.

In the best tradition of the action-packed western, “West of Forgotten” is full of gritty action that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat. Set in Wyoming just after the Civil War, this story has all the feel of the Wild West, but it goes deeper.  The issues that haunt the characters give a depth to the story not often found in the genre.  The emotional scars that torment Rachel are handled with sensitive deftness that pulls the reader into her pain.  Harrison’s patience and kindness seem to flow naturally from the character, and the reader can’t help but empathize with his frustrations.  Added to the depth of emotion the author elicits, the plot is full of clever twists that keep the reader guessing.  This story is a suspenseful, sexy thrill ride that will keep the reader’s blood pumping to the very end.  A wonderfully satisfying read!

Marc Joseph