The Welsh Healer


The prophecies have long foretold of a great healer who would see four kings in her lifetime, so when Arlais started showing amazing abilities it was not a surprise.  Her family is known for it’s long line of prophtic healers.  But, with the cry of “witch” being a death sentence, Arlais is forbidden to use her incredible talent. Instead, she is taught nature's art of healing - one that can be combined with power and used for good.  When the last of young Arlais’ family dies, however, she must leave her native Wales and travel to England to live.  In the home of her gifted aunt, Arlais grows more powerful, more beautiful and more caring - a combination that does not go unnoticed. Still,  Arlais is determined to wait for love until she finds the soul-mate prophesied for her, but at what cost and will the prophecy finally be fulfilled?
This story is really split between a sweet historical and fantasy.  The history, while light, is accurate and the fantasy pervasive.  Following the life of Arlais, Ms. Myrick takes the reader on a quiet, yet comfortable journey. It is easy to read as it flows sweetly through the plot.  The over-abundance of words does drag the story down some, and needs to be tightened up, cut down and streamlined.  What is a nice 600 (e-book) page story would make an outstanding 400 page novel.  Even so, the overall tone of the tale is delightful, a perfect pick when one needs to relax!
Ruth Lynn Ritter