A Week in Brighton (Timeless Regency Collection Book 13)

Jennifer Moore, Annette Lyon,
Donna Hatch

“A Week in Brighton” features three charming regency novellas! “The Grande Hotel by the Sea” introduces a feisty baker named Daphne who is going through many emotions with the closing of her bakery. Arthur Grande has a dream to build a beautiful hotel, but he cannot help but feel guilty that his business will affect the bakery.  “Signs of Love” begins with a young woman named Julia who is searching for fossils on the beach and comes across a smuggling operation. She recognizes the man later at the ball and due to some quick thinking, she is able to uncover a dangerous plot. “The Reluctant Heir” starts with Rowan mourning the death of his brother. He is determined to find the woman his brother loved and inform her of his death. He meets a lovely artist named Isabella, who is more than happy to help him in his quest. 

This collection of novellas is absolutely charming! The first thing that will capture the reader’s attention is the vibrant setting of Brighton. The setting makes for a perfect book for reading on the beach. Not only that, but the female main characters are all stunning! They are educated, talented, and courageous. These women forge their own path and are admirable. They don’t have typical roles that are often discussed in regencies, which really sets this collection apart. The men are wonderful but do not hold a candle to these phenomenal women. The stories do read quickly, however the authors still find the time to make sure the stories and characters are developed. The stories have a touch of suspense added to keep readers on the edge of their seat. Readers will immediately want to book their next trip to Brighton to experience the charming location by the sea!

Amanda Hupe