To Wed an Heiress

Rosanne E.

Haro Emison has just learned that when his father died, his only legacy was gambling debts. All the properties must be sold to pay the creditors and he will be an earl in title only. He and his cousin, Eda, have an understanding that they will be wed at the end of the season. In order to save the family, Haro jilts Eda and goes in search of an heiress. He finds one in the form of Arabella, a merchant’s daughter. She is overbearing, rude, and arrogant. Then there is doddering old Uncle Harold, who says he has money, but everyone thinks he’s just a senile old man. The wedding is only weeks away when tragedy strikes. Will Eda get her true love back?


The first half of this novel is lively and moves quickly. Haro and Eda are well fleshed out characters with deep-seated emotions, who are trying to get the family out of a bad situation. The secondary characters, however, tend to fall flat. The countess, Lady Anglesford, has the vapors for most of the novel, while the other son, Torin, always has his nose in a book or is angry. The ending of the tale was also somewhat predictable. However, "To Wed an Heiress" ends up as an enjoyable read, and the author's combination of romance and mystery elements makes for an excellent hook. This reader never knew whodunit until the final reveal!


Belinda Wilson