Weave For Me (Dream Suite Book 2)

Kathryn Lynn

The Ivy family story continues as Julian and his wife Saylah, daughter, Illiann  and son Kit approach a new vista in their lives.  Julian feels the need to be challenged beyond his family ranch on Vancouver Island, moving to the city to help his friend Devon run his paper, hoping to leave behind pain from his mother’s rejection.  Saylah is called by the voices of her Salish culture to tell their stories.  Illiann and Kit face growing up, making new friends, and the possibility of love for sixteen-year-old Illiann.  The family will also encounter danger as Julian’s new venture makes the family powerful enemies.

“Weave for Me a Dream” is a sprawling 611-page epic historical fiction novel full of complex characters with plenty of conflicts, internal and external.  The strength of the story is its realistic, three-dimensional characterization.  Additionally, Saylah’s Salish heritage adds mysticism to the novel in how it affects her life and relationships with her family and others.  Julian’s mother Simone's story is highly poignant and full of emotional trauma. The depiction of the issues of workers mistreated by their employers and the plight of the poor and immigrants is an impactful secondary storyline.  Ms. Davis wraps up the story expertly, while illustrating that not all conflicts in our lives are necessarily resolved. Additionally how family issues influence one in integral ways, such as Julian’s ongoing fear of abandonment because of his mother leaving. Recommended to historical fiction readers.

Danielle Hill