Warriors Trust – An Elite Warrior Novel, Book 2


Hawk, leader of the Elite Warriors, is believed cursed by an evil witch to shift into a half demon half dragon beast who can only be tamed by a sacred mate’s bond. After Cassidy suffers abusive torture during her uncle’s siege upon her family's estate, she is rescued by Hawk. Recognizing each other as soulmates, they marry and escape to an alternate realm where a wizard has promised them an everlasting reign in an accepting and peaceful kingdom. However once in the new realm, Hell's Vein, they are attacked by a force of black magic warriors led by a vengeful evil witch. Hawk, Cassidy, and their cadre of elite warriors must learn to trust in their love and use newly gained powers to defeat an insidious malevolence threatening not only their kingdom but their immortal souls!

This a tale about how love without trust will leave a bond vulnerable to destruction. Readers will enjoy being transported to a realm where shape shifters and heroic warriors abide, even though a clear explanation as to why the characters are in this realm is hard to decipher until the end of the story. “Warriors Trust” is not readable as a stand-alone story; due to the timing of the character’s backstories leaving readers to feel as if pages are missing. The characters are a complex mixture of vulnerability and strength. Love scenes are as hot and steamy as dragon’s breath! The variety of shape shifters is intriguing. The touches of humor, loyalty, and comradery are superb. McKayla Jade delivers a unique take on the shifter genre promising to be a magical journey of love, trust, and courage.

Tonya Mathenia