The Warrior’s Reunion: A Celtic Historical Romance (Warriors of Eriu Book 4)


Brennain has longed to hold Morna, the love of his heart, once again ever since he left Miathi, their small village. For two years, they have yearned to be reunited, but when King Tuathal sends Brennain on a new mission to Miathi, he discovers Morna is married and has a child. To ease his devastated heart, he decides to share a few hours with the tribe’s two most scandalous ‘ladies of the night'. Morna has loved Brennain since the day they met, and when she hears he’s back in her homeland, she seeks him out to explain the circumstances of her forced marriage, but when she sees him with the two ‘ladies’, her heart breaks and she vows to never see him again. However, fate keeps throwing them together, and Brennain won’t take no for an answer — he devises a sly scheme to ensure Morna will be his forever.

“The Warrior’s Reunion” is a well-written, expertly researched, and exciting tale of love and war in ancient times. Mia Pride’s imagination is exquisitely creative, and her research opens up a fascinating and unique plot sure to satisfy those who love intrigue, war, romance, and magic. The downside to this fascinating story is the many punctuation and grammatical errors that could easily be rectified with a good round of editing. Readers who are strong historians may wonder if the timeline fits perfectly, but none of these things detracts from the excitement and heart-racing scenes. Book four in this series reads easily as a stand-alone with an HEA. Bravo, Ms. Pride, for a superbly written love story!

Nicole Lane