The Warrior’s Queen (Border Series #6)


Graeme de Sowlis, Scottish warrior chief, has no interest in marrying anyone after two rejected proposals. He’s much more focused on peace than he is on love, but when a celebration at Kenshire Castle in England leads to a stolen kiss and a subsequent, forced marriage, he has no choice but to go through with it. Hhis honor demands he does so.

Gillian Bowman, the girl who Graeme is forced to marry, was originally intended to marry someone else, someone who is not too pleased about Gillian’s betrayal. And even though Gillian thinks Graeme is stunning and extraordinary handsome, he’s also bottled up all his feelings and refuses to let her break down the walls he has built around himself. A new marriage isn’t easy, especially when your husband is a complete stranger. 

Although being the sixth book in the series, no issues arise from reading this book as a stand-alone novel. While the plot is far from original, a rather standard plot for this type of Highlander / Scottish historical romance novel, the characters bring a lot of personality to the table, and the historical backdrop is nicely incorporated into the story as well. The writing is solid and entertaining, and the book does have a few twists and turns readers won’t always see coming.

Majanka Verstraete