The Warrior’s Mission (Warriors of Eriu, Book Three)


Flynn Mac Greine is a trusted spy and scout for King Tuathal in ancient Ireland, known in this series as Eriu. Maggie is the village healer, and after witnessing the abuse and death of her mother and sister, is fearful of most men.  She has a gift for healing and is confident in these abilities.  Flynn feigns injuries just to be close to her, but she stays tongue-tied around him.  When Flynn is wounded in a surprise attack, Maggie sets her fears aside and drops everything to journey with his brother Brennain, to help Flynn heal.  As she grows more confident in Flynn, she learns to trust herself and to gain confidence in herself. She learns some self-defense techniques as well.

It’s obvious that there are stories that precede this one, but the author does an amazing job of setting the stage for those readers who are unfamiliar with this series.  It is easy to imagine the atmosphere surrounding this village, the environment of this ancient land, and the characters inhabiting this area.  The men are constantly training for battle, and the threat of attack is always hovering on the periphery. After a slightly slow start, there is a steady tension in the telling of this story, and it builds continuously. The pacing is engaging, the main characters are well-thought out and likeable, and the ending is powerful!  There is a hint of mysticism in the Celtic origins of this tale, which adds interest and intrigue.  This is an original story with wonderful characters!

Carey Sullivan