In Want of a Wife


Rosa and Arielle are being sent to London to snag a husband during the Season. Arielle is outgoing and excited, but Rosa dreads being in society because she is painfully shy and stammers. Both girls meet eligible gentlemen, and Arielle quickly fancies herself in love with a soldier, while Rosa finds herself attracted to a Captain, yet she entertains a marriage proposal from a wealthy widower. Should she follow her heart as her sister advises, or her head- which leans toward the quiet widower?


This is a sweet novella highlighting two sheltered girls sent to London to try and find love. The author proves capable in finding the flavor of the time period, but there were several instances where social restrictions were set aside for plot, and took away from the authenticity of the story. There are themes of abuse and violence throughout the book, yet no comeuppance for the villains or resolution for the reader. The author did excel at writing the attraction between Rosa and Mr. D’Arcy, and there was so much potential to their story. Perhaps it would have been more satisfying and created character depth if their romance had been the main focus and not written as largely unrequited. In the end, readers will definitely root for the heroine to overcome her obstacles and find the love she so desperately wants with our hero. While the road to love is rocky, the author provides a satisfying enough ending that readers will close the book with a smile.  


Kate Campbell