Reviews - Historical

Aurelia is a smart woman, certain she can handle whatever comes her way. She has already proven she can escape unwanted advances from men. She turns to the one person she can, however he's Captain of the Guard and seems to take the side of one of the men who lusts after her. Can she trust him to help her when she needs it, or will he betray her to keep his word?

Meg Henshawe has been through a lot in her life; she runs The Rose and Crown and caters to a very varied clientele. She has a reputation for being tough and is as well known for that as she is for her beauty. She has been on her own for a while when Jake Cohen, a boxer, comes into her life and gives it some meaning.

Gabe McGrath is a young man who takes shelter at his neighbors' farm when he is caught in a storm.  Martha Willie is the eldest daughter of a Kentucky cattleman, and has been running the household since her mother passed away in childbirth.  Gabe becomes a hand on the Willie ranch and is attracted to Martha; Martha has determined her life is that of caretaker of her family and nothing more.

The Forbidden Highlands
Amy Jarecki, Kathryn Le Veque, Eliza Knight,
Terri Brisbin, Emma Prince, Victoria Vane, Violetta Rand

MEDIEVAL:  This original, brilliant collection of Scottish Highland novellas written by eight talented historical romance authors offers the reader tales of  Celtic lore featuring forbidden love, persecution, adventure and passion, set in eighteenth-century Scotland. The authors have each contributed stories featuring characters that will transport readers to the Highlands.

Jameson Rex has a scandalous secret — one that has caused him to be disinherited, and as a result he needs a wealthy wife to keep him afloat. He goes to London for the Season, hoping to find a reputable woman with a large inheritance who can overlook his disgrace. Unfortunately, rumors have preceded him and his chances to marry well are limited.