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Lord Graelem Dayne, Baron Moray, is in search of a wife. He has a ridiculously short frame of time in which to secure said wife so that he may receive his full inheritance.

A Very Wicked Christmas Anthology
Heather Boyd, Barbara Monajem, Nicola Davidson,
Wendy Vella, Beverley Oakley, Donna Cummings

“A Very Wicked Christmas Anthology” is a compilation of Regency Romances that will have readers longing for their own heroes like the ones in the pages of this tome: Harper Cabot, who finds love in the mo

Alexander of Talisand – serving under William Rufus - cements his reputation as the Black Wolf, no different from when his father, Sir Renaud de Pierrepont, became known as the

Diagnosed with consumption and given only months to live, Honoria Bonneville makes a decision - she’s wasted too much of her life with her controlling father and bossy older sisters.

Ian Mackintosh is in love with Rose McLaren. She is his everything and he plans to marry her. Unfortunately he lets his insecurities get the better of him and he decides to break their troth.