Reviews - Historical

Long after he was believed to have been lost at sea, Graham Blackmore returns to reclaim his title. During his disappearance, his mother has had to keep those who would have his title at bay, with the help of her ward, Beatrice Marlowe. With his memory gone, Graham has to fight to fill the holes in his memory — and to prove that he is, in fact, the lost Lord Blackmore.

After losing everything, including her fey abilities, Lady Sirena Hollister goes to London for the season. She wants to find out the truth about her brother's disappearance, and when she finds herself in danger, she is rescued by Viscount Bakeley. He remembers Sirena, and she hasn't changed — she's still as fiery as he remembered.

Home of Her Heart

Sergeant Klayne Campbell has never known much love and laughter, but when he meets Delaney Danvers, he is immediately drawn to her sweetness and ready laugh. With World War II raging, however, Klayne knows his time at the base might be short. When he finds out he is leaving on a top-secret mission, he knows he has to do the impossible and make Delaney his.

Summer Holiday (Timeless Victorian Collection)
Nancy Campbell Allen, Sarah M. Eden,
Annette Lyon

This Victorian-era romance anthology invites one into the lives of three women who refuse to dampen their dreams for society.

A mysterious illness is sweeping the land, and Gus, Laird of Caithness Castle, is desperate to save his people. His only hope is to kidnap Sybilla, an English woman with reputed mystical powers strong enough to stop the illness in its tracks.  The only problem?