Reviews - Historical

WESTERN:  Brody has been picked up by the law again - caught stealing food for his neighbor. This time it is different.

WESTERN:  Molly Rose has come from Tucson to Colorado to visit her brother, but he isn’t there to greet her. What she doesn’t know is that his partner, Jake, has been watching her every move.

A Splendid Boy

A love story that transcends time begins in the summer of 1914, when Daniel Beresford and Emma Tavenor’s innocent relationship is discovered by her father.

TIME TRAVEL:  Faith Daniels has never really fit into her life, and after a messy divorce she turns all her energy into restoring a 1900 Galveston mansion.

Fool Me Twice
Philippa Jane

Caro Worth never thought the one thing she inherited from her disreputable father would be her salvation, but alone in 18