Reviews - Historical

Enchanted by the Earl

Rose Woodcourt was destitute after her father's death, but has been able to cut out a simple life as a seamstress.

REGENCY:  Lizzy Gaunt has accompanied her aunt to the Peace Conference in Vienna celebrating Napoleon’s defeat.  After the death of her father she and her three siblings were left destitute.

Norman Wynford-Scott has studied for the last seven years to be a barrister in England’s political world. Unfortunately, all of his hard work is dashed in one evening due to a holiday revel.

Hope MacAlister lost her father ten years ago and now her mother has gone to join him.

VIKING/MEDIEVAL:  On the road to civilization there was a battle for Brittany. Ivar the Red is filled with conviction that he will conquer the land and the heart of Lady Emma Quimper.