A Wallflower to Love (Love’s Addiction Book 1)

Marie Higgins

Alexandria Templeton is a shy wallflower that lives with her ailing sister and her brother-in-law and they want to find her a suitable husband. She is quiet and shy, but loves to read and write stories. When Alexandria is mistaken for her sister and gets kidnapped, her life changes in an instant and she becomes infatuated with her kidnapper, and will do anything to help him. Julian Stratford just survived an attempt on his life and kidnaps the Duchess of Linden to make her confess that her husband tried to kill him for his title. What he didn’t count on is kidnapping the wrong sister and losing his heart to her. Julian becomes overprotective and caring about Alexandria but cannot tell her the truth for fear it would put her in danger.

“A Wallflower to Love” is the first in a new series, and a great start! The author takes one on an adventure filled with action, mystery, deception, murder, romance, and forgiveness. The characters are well developed and the reader will love Alexandria, who is so innocent and such an enjoyable character that continues to grow throughout the story. The chemistry between Alexandria and Julian is so natural and beautiful and not rushed at all. The reader will be as heartbroken as Alexandria was when she finds out that Julian lied to her. He is eventually forgiven, but the reader can feel how much she is hurt by him. Marie Higgins creates this wonderful plot with a lot of twists and turns that will leave the reader guessing until the end.

Victoria Zumbrum