Walk the Deck: A Vampire Pirate Romance (Walk the Walk Book 2)


The Patricia’s Wish vessel is co-captained by Branko, who is learning as he goes, and Mayda, a vampire who is restricted to the night shift, as the sun will scorch her. Branko loves Mayda and she is affectionate towards him, but she has only recently escaped from her husband who sold her to the medical community in America. She seeks freedom to be herself! She wishes to go plundering to make her fortune from other ships and the night crew agrees with her. Branko disagrees. He and the day crew wish to sail directly to Jamaica where they can settle into a stable life. At long last, Mayda convinces Branko to plunder a ship the size of “Patricia’s Wish.” He has a plan, but Mayda ignores it, and she is the first one on the other ship. His heart sinks as he morosely thinks Mayda will be a casualty.

“Walk the Deck” is an intriguing story with its mixture of pirate and vampire lore. It is a very original story without cliché which brings new perspectives to old ideas. Ms. Barr skillfully introduces the entire crew and gives them characteristics which make them easy to remember. The action throughout this novel is enough to keep one on the edge of their seat! The dialogue tends to get garbled when several of the sailors are talking at once. Mayda is a selfish, impulsive heroine, determined to be herself no matter the cost to anyone else. Branko is not the strongest leader even though he got his training from Blackbeard. The story ends in a cliffhanger, but no worries, book three is already out.

Belinda Wilson