Waking Lucy


After his dreams of becoming a doctor are brought to a sudden and disastrous halt, Samuel Wilson returns home ashamed and unable to face his former fiancée Lucy Simms. While Samuel’s rejection and his sudden courtship of Lucy’s rival hurt, nothing hurts more than the death of her family members as a New England blizzard and illness take one and then another until only Lucy and her little sister Sally remain. Concerned about their neighbors, Samuel is sent to check on the Simms only to find Lucy delirious with the same fever that took her parents and Sally helpless to aid her. With what little training he’d gained at school at his disposal, Samuel puts Lucy’s reputation at risk to help her recover, but soon finds the only solution to help her survive both in body and reputation is to marry the semi-conscious Lucy.  Yet, even if he saves her life, will Lucy accept the marriage vows she has no memory of, or will he lose her for good this time?


A historical romance set shortly after the Revolutionary War, “Waking Lucy” gives an interesting look at marriage laws, burial, and medicinal practices of colonial times. Additionally, the story has a sweet romance between two former lovers rekindled on the page combined with plenty of drama to keep the reader entranced. Despite the minor conflict and unnecessary rival which fail to add depth to the story, the romance between Lucy and Samuel alone provides good entertainment making it a good read.


Sarah E Bradley