Wagers Gone Awry – Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper Book 1


REGENCY:  Brooke Theodora Penelope Culpepper is a beauty beyond compare, forced to live the life of a pauper due to the death of her father. Acting guardian for her sister Brette and cousins Blythe, Blake, and Blaire, she does her best to make life tolerable with the meager income they retain from the family farm, after paying off the legal heir and guardian, Sheridan Gainsborough. She is already close to despair and then life takes an even uglier turn when she learns that her cousin has not sold the farm, but lost it in a game of chance. The new owner arrives to claim his lands, only to discover a bevy of beauties left in distress by a vile and cruel human. 


Be prepared to be struck in awe by the bounty of richly-crafted characters that abound in the Misses Culpepper series starter. First, you have five beautiful young women who have fought the odds and survived tragedy. Then you have two strong-willed men who tend to take charge everywhere they go, only to find themselves thwarted by this bevy of beauties. Readers will find themselves enraptured by the ladies and the men, particularly the Earl of Ravensdale and the Marquis of Leventhorpe, both devilishly handsome and bound by honor to protect those they chose. A truly masterfully-plotted story unfolds into a delightful romance that begs for more to be written. What conundrums are yet to come as the Misses Culpepper hit the ton? More adventures yet to come, yeah!


Penelope Anne Bartotto