Reviews - Historical

Locked inside a tower by an evil witch, Rapunzel de Bar refuses to wait any longer for one of her five brothers to rescue her. She takes matters into her own hands and escapes through the window, landing quite literally onto Marco Drago del Rossi III. A bounty hunter who has lost both his bounty and his horse, Marco has problems of his own.

Bric MacRohan is High Warrior, fearsome leader of House of Winter’s war machine.  He scorns marriage until he is forced to wed the timid, beautiful Lady Eiselle de Gael.  Surprisingly, strong feelings for his wife develop quickly, but a grievous injury in battle and a terrible accident leaves him stricken.

Merry and her friends are dissatisfied with the notion of marriage. Married women never get to fulfill their own dreams and are slaves to societal rules and expectations. For this reason, they form ‘The Spinsters Club’. Enter Lord Harcourt Easton, who has designs and plans for Merry, which do not coincide with the rules of The Spinster’s Club.

A Pirate at Pembroke

REGENCY:  Sophie Crestwood has not found a man who is interested enough in her to offer for her hand.  When Sophie meets her new neighbor, Captain Edward Murdock, rumors swirl that he is a pirate.

Graeme de Sowlis, Scottish warrior chief, has no interest in marrying anyone after two rejected proposals. He’s much more focused on peace than he is on love, but when a celebration at Kenshire Castle in England leads to a stolen kiss and a subsequent, forced marriage, he has no choice but to go through with it. Hhis honor demands he does so.