Voices Echo (Voices #3)

Linda Lee

MYSTERY:  When Rhiannon Ross married her husband Albert, she never thought he would leave her shortly afterward for his plantation in the West Indies. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she devises a plan to secure her own financial independence. Needing Albert's signature on her legal documents, she sets sail for Jamaica and hopes to  squash the growing attraction between her and her advisor, Liam Brock. When she arrives in Jamaica Rhiannon discovers things on the plantation are not quite peaceful. A slave rebellion is brewing, the estate manager is missing, and her husband wants her off the island. 


Liam Brock hopes to expunge his thoughts of Rhiannon Ross; she is a married woman after all. His first job as an attorney, Liam escorts a young heiress to Jamaica, believing Rhiannon must have gone back to America. Upon arriving, he finds her, along with sinister happenings, such as dark magic and smuggling. Will he be able to keep her safe, and will they ever be able to have a future together?


“Voices Echo” is the third book in the Voices series and stands alone. This is an epic tale that has numerous characters and situations to keep track of, which can be confusing to some readers.  Because of that, the story does get bogged down a few times within its 546 pages. The characters are interesting and Liam is quite an honorable man in his dislike of slavery. Ms. Graham does a great job of describing plantation and island life. With just a bit of condensing and tightening of the story this would be a 5 star winner!


Lynne Bryant