The Viscount's Seduction (Sons of the Spy Lord #2)

Alina K.

After losing everything, including her fey abilities, Lady Sirena Hollister goes to London for the season. She wants to find out the truth about her brother's disappearance, and when she finds herself in danger, she is rescued by Viscount Bakeley. He remembers Sirena, and she hasn't changed — she's still as fiery as he remembered. However, the more time he spends with her, the more his feelings begin to stir and he finds it difficult to resist her.  Will they be able to discover the truth and give into their feelings for one another?

There is something about a historical romance with an English spy, a Lady and a Viscount, and author Alina K. Field delivers them all in a grand fashion!  Set in Victorian London, "The Viscount's Seduction" is full of twists and turns. Lady Hollister is a very strong character and fun to travel through the story with. She has been through so much and her character is very sympathetic. Viscount Bakeley, for his part, will have readers swooning. The writing here is so crisp, and descriptions so sharp, readers will see Ms. Field's novel play across their minds like a movie. She has definitely done her research on the book's setting. The dialogue is spot on for the time, as well as the customs and surroundings. "The Viscount's Seduction" is a great addition to the Sons of the Spy Lord series and will entice readers to read the first book. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick