The Viscount’s Vow (Veteran’s Club 2)

Julie Coulter

Edward is now Viscount Carlisle. He does not want anything to do with it but feels the same about virtually everything since returning from war. He is struggling with civilian life and has nightmares most nights. He knows that he cannot wed Charlotte, a woman he has been betrothed to since before he left for the war. Charlotte does not understand why Edward would break off their engagement. They are childhood sweethearts and have been there for each other through thick and thin, so Charlotte is not going to give up on him yet. When rumor has it that his friend from the war may be alive, Edward will need Charlotte’s support as he goes out to search for his comrade. 

This clean historical romance will have readers dabbing the tears in their eyes. It is wonderful to read about characters going through struggles but can depend on each other. Edward and Charlotte are definitely a match and it is quite beautiful to see her support Edward as he works through his issues. PTSD has always been around but it is still stigmatized to this day, so it is refreshing to see it portrayed in an accurate manner. The only thing that is bothersome is that it is such a short work. Much of the novel's focus is on the characters going back and forth whether they should be together or not. The story needed either to cut that short or be a little longer to fully develop the characters and have a well-rounded ending. All in all, this tale is timeless and shows a beautiful representation of love and forgiveness. 

Amanda Hupe