The Viscount’s Heir (Heirs of Cornwall Book 2)


Allayne Carlyle, heir of Viscount Rose, and Lady Alexandra Davenport have both been avoiding the trap of matrimony, so their parents scheme to set them up at a house party. As both parties arrive, both Allayne and Alexandra individually—and unknown to each other—decide to shake things up and avoid their parent’s insidious set up. With both nobles posing as their servants and their servants posing as them, hilarity ensues. Along with the amusement the switch provides, romance also blooms for the two couples. But how can a romance built on false pretenses survive?

The chemistry between Lady Alexandra and Allayne sizzles and burns with a fever. Historically accurate, the customs of the time place Lady Alexandra in difficult situations forcing her to make difficult decisions. Heartache is a testament to any solid romance, and “The Vicount’s Heir” has plenty of heartache. As the two fight to make their way back to one another and learn to trust in love, the heartache is poignant and raw. The servants’ love story is alluded to but never fleshed out and hard to believe for two painfully shy people. A missed opportunity in character development for the two servants. The schemes of friends and family to help the love match of Alexandra and Allayne, however, work to fill the pages with ripe intrigue. Heart strings are pulled as Alexandra and Allayne learn to trust in love. Passion, humor, intrigue, suspense, and love fill the pages bringing the story to a climax where readers will cry, laugh, and have their hearts filled to the brim.

Cara Cieslak